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GEWA Panpipe Premium G major, 18 pipes
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GEWA Panpipe Premium G major, 18 pipes

  • Natural bamboo, treated with paraffin oil
  • No lacquers are used
  • Hand-made, carefully selected material
  • Pure tuning, very good finish
  • Made in South Tyrol, Italy
  • Curved shape, European-Romanian design
  • Wooden shoe
  • G-major, 18 tubes
  • Tone range: G' - C''''
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Although named after the Greek shepherd god Pan, the instruments of the GEWA PREMIUM series are built in a bent European-Romanian style.

Premium panpipes are made of selected bamboo cane and are handmade in South Tyrol/Italy. The natural material is treated only with paraffin oil, without the use of varnish. The carefully selected material and the flawless workmanship reliably guarantee the familiar singing sound in various versions and tunings.

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High-quality products, whether instruments, bags, cases or accessories, are and always have been our mission.

But they also have to be affordable and accessible to everyone.

GEWA German Engineered products are 100% conceptualised and designed by our experts in Germany. Know-how, experience and a constantly open ear for the needs of music creators characterise the work of the development teams.

In cooperation with partner and GEWA-owned production facilities around the world, ideas are then turned into instruments. These locations enable us to use production techniques that are not available in this form elsewhere.

Our specialists regularly visit all the workshops to train the staff and to make sure that the production is carried out according to our ideas in all respects.

This enables us to guarantee a reasonable price at a consistently high production quality. But that is not quite enough for us.

That's why every single instrument is put through its paces again in our service workshops before delivery. Only in this way can we be sure that GEWA German Engineered is always the right choice.