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At its core, it's all about quality.

To ensure that we can meet this demand at all times and without compromise, we develop and manufacture GEWA Made in Germany cases in-house. In Germany. In the Saxon "Musicon Valley".

The upper class of our cases, which are primarily aimed at professional musicians, are designed and developed on site by our team of experts and manufactured by qualified specialists. Our case manufacture combines state-of-the-art production methods according to the latest standards with traditional craftsmanship at the highest level.

Careful selection of materials and the proverbial indestructibility of our cases have earned us an excellent reputation over the years among the leading musicians of the respective era. A GEWA case accompanies you and your instrument for a lifetime. No matter where your path takes you, you can always rely on our cases, because we also care about your instrument.

At GEWA Made in Germany, tradition becomes the present.


The SAFEGUARD tenor trombone case is the best thing you can do for your instrument. Only the highest standards have been applied here in terms of protection, functionality and design.

Behind the fine carbon look is an enormously stable GRP shell, which is covered with a high-quality water-repellent fabric. The shape of the case is extremely compact, so that the trombone can be transported not only safely but also in a space-saving manner.

Inside, the instrument rests gently and is protected by padding covered with black velour. Here the slide is stored separately, while special protection is incorporated for the bell (9"). The interior is adjustable with flexible pads to suit your exact needs.

The accessory compartment, which is also padded, not only offers sufficient space, but also ensures that the trombone is well positioned. Two extra sleeves are integrated for storing mouthpieces.

A removable music pocket offers space for all necessary documents, even if they are very large.

Of course, the Safeguard case can be comfortably gripped and transported in any situation: vertically, horizontally, over the shoulder or as a backpack.

The GEWA Safeguard tenor trombone case is 100% made in our case manufacture in Saxony and is therefore Made In Germany.


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GEWA Made in Germany